Castelos Motorsport is a company dedicated to classic, sport and competition car sales.

Born in a family involved in the automotive industry since 1953, company CEO and founder , Pablo Castelos, was always around cars since he was a child.

The profesional background gained over the years in the family business, as well as the motorsport activity, competing in rallying for over 25 years, leaded to the creation of Castelos Motorsport, that mis all those ingredients with the passion and the fond knowledge of the special cars, especially the competition ones.

Buying a classic or competition car ususally requires extensive knowledge, both technically and documentally. It’s key to know the car history and to check its provenance and originality, as well as its technical condition.

Our experience aquired over the years, at all levels (comercial, documental and technical) allows us to identify the most interesting cars and, if posible, offer them for sale to try to find a new owner who can enjoy it.

With multiple transactions done in different countries, we have developed an extensive contact network as well as important experience in the logistics. We are always happy to help with the transport of the car to any country, as well as inside Spain of course.