Alpine Renault A110 1300

Nice “Matching Numbers” Alpine A110 in really good original condition, ready to enjoy!

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Launched in 1971, the Alpine A110 1300 hits the Spanish market to replace the previous 1100 cc engined version. This will be the most succesfull FASA A110 with just 908 cars produced until production of this version ended by 1976.

The 1289 cc high compression engine develops a power output of 70,5 hp, enough to propel the Alpine to 170 km/h thanks to the lightweight composite bodyshell and the stilished and aerodynamic design created by Giovanni Michelotti and Serge Zuliani.

To cope with the extra performance respect the previous 1100 engined version, the 1300 get the upgraded brake system of the Renault 8 Gordini, with 4 brake discs all round and double independent brake circuits, one for front brakes and the other one for the rears.

The Alpine was born as a sport car and it was soon succesfull in motorsport, particulary in rallying thanks to its lightness and maneuverability, winning many rallyes all over the world, including Monte Carlo and World Rallye Championship victories.

Regarding this Alpine we are proud to offer, it is an A110 1300 that has been preserved in original condition over the years, with no modifications and still with the original engine, conveniently serviced of course.

Its last owner,  a true Alpine enthusiast, has took care of it and a careful manteinance has been done over its ownership in order to maintain the car fully operational to be used anytime, as he use to drive it every week to keep it in top form and of course to enjoy his passion.

It has been subject to a full professional re-spray in its original yellow colour, removing all the trims, glass, lights, bumpers, etc. Body and paint were in good condition before being painted but showing their age of course.

Interior is in very good condition too. Being the owner an Alpine enthusiast and 70’s rallye fan, a pair of period bucket style seats were fitted but the originals were kept too and will go with the car. A trip master and a couple of chronometer clocks have been added too, as well as a half (rear) roll cage, similar to the ones being offered as an option in period in the dealerships.

Please note these are only some atrezzo items to emulate the sporting Alpine’s of the 70’s but the car has never been entered in competition, it has always remained completelly standard and used as a road car.

This A110 represents a good chance to own a nice matching numbers Alpine in really nice condition and ready to enjoy from now, just turn the key and drive it everywhere!



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