Ford Fiesta 1.3 Super Sport

Highly desirable and original Supersport in lovely condition.

Low mileage and low ownership.


Very original and unmolested Ford Fiesta Mk1 1.3 Supersport LHD in reallly good overall condition.
Interior is in outstanding condition, with the original trim looking close to as new condition. Dashboard in very good condition with no cracks.
Bodyshell with all original panels, never welded and with no signs of previous repairs.
Mechanically in top condition, it starts first time (despite maintaining the original automatic choke system) and it drives really well.
Odometer reading 77000 Km wich are backed by ITV (MOT) certificates.
Original books present in the also original dealership pouch.
I don’t think there are many chances to find another Supersport like this today.
Transport to UK and other countries available at reasonable rates.


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