Our services:


           Do you want to sell your vehicle?

If you have a collection or competition vehicle and if you are thinking to sell it, you can consult with us the possibilities of sale. We could make an offer to you if it is of our interest rigth away or we could take care of the sale´s management in exchange for a commission. Our commission system is completely transparent,  generally a percentage of the transaction, so at all times you know for how much it is sold and what the commission is for our services.

Selling a collection or competition vehicle requires an important amount of time to put it on the market correctly. We take care of offering it to our network of contacts and clients, announce it in the best means, etc. In addition we filter the information requests, separating the “wheat straw”, thus avoiding wasted time for the seller.

           Do you want to buy a vehicle?

If you are thinking to buy a collection or competition vehicle, or to start or expand your collection, do not hesitate to contact us. Using our knowledge of the market and our network of contacts, we can locate vehicles that are often out of the market.

In this case, our fee is also a percentage of the amount of the purchase, working with complety transparency only for one of the parties (the buyer in this case) and trying to get the best conditions for you.

           Car Carrier Trailers

Muchas veces llama la atención ver vehículos de elevado valor siendo transportados en un remolque abierto, en ocasiones con unos cuantos años a sus espaldas. Often it is striking to see high-value vehicles being transported in an open trailer, sometimes with a few years behind them. Given our link with motor sport and classic vehicles, the idea has been to market high-end closed trailers, mainly to transport these types of vehicles.The prestigious British manufacturer Woodford Trailers Woodford Trailers has selected us as the distributor of its products for Spain, offering them here its range of products. As we are also enthusiasts of the competition, we fully understand their needs. Do not hesitate to consult conditions, we will be happy to advise you when buying your new trailer.